Pixie Pebble & Cobble

Pixie Pebbles and Pixie Cobbles are from Montana. They can be used as decorative edging for pathways, borders, ponds and landscaping. They can also be used for stone veneer on walls, in fireplaces and hearths, and for pathways and exposed aggregate. The rocks are very smooth and deep in color. The colors are a mixture of green, pink, and purple hues. Pixie Pebbles come in 3/8" gravel, and Pixie Cobbles come in 8" – 12" and double head size. The gravel is sold in bulk, the cobbles are in palletized baskets, and both are sold by the ton.

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Available Sizes

Description Thickness Coverage Area
Pixie Pebble 3/8" Gravel 120 sf / ton @ 2"
Pixie Cobble 6" - 12" 40 - 50 sf / ton
Pixie Cobble Double Head Size 30 - 40 sf / ton

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